torsdag 1. desember 2011

Ronaldo will always be Ronaldo!

Those who saw Saturday, "El DERBI Madrileño", they will, first and foremost, remember it for a lot of bad games, in addition to several in excess hard tackles. Most of these were signed Atletico Madrid's players. Cristiano Ronaldo was one of many that sometimes lay on the ground, this to his own followers and great frustration. When the Spanish sports daily "AS", recently hosted an awards ceremony, were both Ronaldo and At. Madrid president Enrique Cerezo, on the guest list.

It was not long after Enrique Cerezo arrived at the table, before Ronaldo asked him the following questions:

"Will there be a price for tackles?"

For this Cerezo responded with the following message:

"You should take a look at your own team. Several of the players at Real Madrid doing the same thing, including yourself, Pepe Carvalho, Ramos, and him with her hair .., Marcelo!

In its own little arrogant way Ronaldo said the following on the allegations:

"Now are you talking about the best players in the world."

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